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How to Make Grooming Easier at Home

How to Make Grooming Easier at Home

May 18, 2023

How to Make Grooming Your Dog Easier at Home

Grooming your dog at home can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. With a little planning and preparation, you can make the experience both enjoyable for you and your furry friend.

In this blog, we’ll cover the importance of keeping your dog groomed and how to groom your dog at home with a few helpful tips sprinkled throughout. If you’re sure your dog will be uncooperative during this time, it might be worth checking out a few blogs about first training your dog, including how to use common reinforcement methods!

Grab a bath towel and let’s dive in!

Can you groom your dog at home?

You may be wondering, why not let a professional dog groomer take care of it? Well, there are a few practical reasons why grooming your dog at home is worthwhile. For one, it saves money. Depending on the size, breed, and temperament of your dog, grooming can cost hundreds of dollars.

Second, with the right tools and training, grooming your dog at home can be enjoyable for the both of you! Quality time with your pet, specifically time when you are pampering them, is a great time to bond with your dog. A better bond with your dog is medicine for the mental health of the both of you.

Grooming tips for pet parents

You know your dog better than anyone. It may sound like a daunting task to groom your dog at home. This blog is a great place to start if you are hoping to do it right!

How to groom a new puppy

The earlier you start grooming your dog, the more used to it they will be. Although this is best to start while they are a puppy, not everyone adopts a dog that young. No matter your dogs age, it is possible to get them used to being groomed at home. Start by brushing their fur regularly, and then gradually introduce other grooming tasks, such as bathing and nail trimming, until they become comfortable.

Being patient with your dog

Make bathtime a positive experience. Use positive reinforcement to help your dog associate grooming with good things. Give them treats, such as those from Bully Sticks Direct, praise, and pets while you're grooming them. It may take some time for your dog to get used to being groomed. Be patient and don't force them to do anything they're not comfortable with.

The best tools for grooming

Use the right tools. Make sure you have the right tools for the job. For example, if you have a long-haired dog, you'll need a brush that's designed for long hair. There are pin brushes, slicker brushes, and deshedding brushes. Do some research to find the best brush for your breed.

Ask for help

Get help with bath time if needed. If you're struggling to groom your dog on your own, don't be afraid to ask for help from a friend, family member, or professional groomer. Large dogs can be especially difficult to tie down. To avoid a wet house or worse, have someone help you!

How to keep your dog calm and still while bathing

Like humans, dogs can also experience fear and anxiety. Bath time is a common time for dogs to get anxious. A few common signs of anxiety in dogs include excessive panting, hiding, or abnormally aggressive behavior. Be sure to take into consideration these signs, and treat your dog accordingly.

Bath time is unavoidable if you care about the health and wellbeing of your dog. When the time comes, choose a quiet place to groom your dog. The bathroom instead of the kitchen sink, for example. A calm environment will help your dog relax and feel more at ease.

  • Groom your dog in short bursts. Don't try to groom your dog for too long at a time. Take breaks as needed to give your dog a chance to rest and relax.
  • Use a firm but gentle touch. Be careful not to use too much force when grooming your dog. This could startle them and make them more anxious.
  • Talk to your dog in a soothing voice. This will help to calm them down and make them feel more relaxed.
  • Offer your dog a treat or toy. This can help to keep their attention focused on you and away from the grooming process.

Benefits of keeping your dog properly groomed

It is common sense to take care of your dog's physical health but few people remember that this also includes proper bathing and pampering. Let’s not forget the importance of keeping your dog groomed:

Your Dog’s Health. A well-groomed dog is healthier. Regular grooming helps to remove dirt, debris, and mats from your dog's fur. This can help to prevent skin infections and other health problems.

Your Dog’s Happiness. A well-groomed dog is happier. Grooming can be a bonding experience for you and your dog. It's also a great way to give your dog some much-needed attention and love.

Your Dog’s Appearance. A well-groomed dog is more attractive. A clean, well-groomed dog is simply more appealing to look at. This can make them more enjoyable to be around and can even boost their own self-confidence.

Look good, feel good, right?!

Rewarding your dog with treats while grooming

It’s not bribing your dog with treats if it is done with the right intention and in moderation. The kind of treat you’re using is also important. When rewarding or training your dog with treats, choose something that is all-natural and preservative-free. Bully Sticks Direct has a wide range of treats that contain no preservatives, antibiotics, or hormones. When training your dog through the grooming process, remember these tips:

  • Use small, high-quality dog treats. You want to use treats that your dog really loves so that they're motivated to cooperate during grooming.
  • Give your dog a treat after each successful grooming step. This will help them to associate grooming with positive reinforcement.
  • Don't overfeed your dog. Even though you're using small treats, it's important to monitor your dog's food intake to make sure they're not getting too many calories. Luckily, Bully Sticks Direct’s bully sticks are a single-ingredient chew that you can trust.

Properly grooming your dog at home: In conclusion

Dogs seem to either love being groomed or hate being groomed. Regardless, keeping up with the physical hygiene of your pup is important for their overall health and wellness. Grooming is an opportunity for dog owners to save time, save money, and boost bonding with your furry friend.

Don’t go into bath time without Bully Sticks Direct’s treats on hand! Shop our large selection of treats which range in size and protein. Choose from Turkey Tendon Strips, Pork Pizzles, or our popular braided bullies, just to name a few options!

When you shop at Bully Sticks Direct, you’re supporting a small and family-owned business. Choose BSD for all-natural and preservative free treats your dogs are sure to love! Shop now and give us a follow on social media.

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