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Bully Bites

Bully Sticks Direct offers the highest grade natural pet treats for your favorite pup. Our Bully Bites for Dogs are made from top grade beef. Now offering Rewards Program + Free Shipping.

Made from the highest quality beef, our bully bites are healthy, quick, and easy treats. These snacks are all-natural and highly digestible. They’re made entirely from one component and do not include any other additives. For dogs with delicate stomachs, it is high in digested protein, which also aids your dog's chewing to brush teeth and massage gums. Bully bites make a fantastic dog treat for tiny dogs since they are grain- and gluten-free.

They’re like bully sticks on the go. When you’re looking for a quick and simple bully stick treat on the go, our bully bites are the solution!

While your dog is chewing, our single-ingredient chews aid in enhancing oral health by removing harmful tartar and plaque. A superior, healthy dog treats alternatives to chemically processed chews like rawhide.

You can be sure you're providing your dog with the healthiest lifestyle options and safest treats when you choose bully bites from Bully Sticks Direct!

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