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Labor Day & Working Dogs

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Labor Day in the United States dates back to the late 19th century, when labor unionists proposed that a day be set aside to celebrate labor. Of course, all of the hard working men and women who keep crops growing, businesses running, hospitals helping, etc. in America, deserve a special day off to just relax and enjoy family, friends, and the fruits of their labor. Finally becoming an official federal holiday in 1894, Labor Day is celebrated the first Monday in September.

Said to be the “unofficial end of summer”, Labor Day is conveniently placed between Memorial Day and Thanksgiving and kicks off the finale of beaches, and barbeques and the beginning of school and sports.

Let’s celebrate Labor Day with our furry friends/family, who also labor. Some breeds are specific to being trained for certain jobs, such as pulling sleds, rescue, assisting police and military, herding, hunting, sight for the blind etc. While no scientific proof exists, I believe that all dogs work to please their pet parents, including barking at possible intruders (yes, even the mailman;). I remember our Golden Retriever watching my daughter ride her bike down the long driveway, getting closer to the end of it each time. Yeller kept up with her, but finally determined that she was getting too close to the road, so he laid across the end of the driveway, right in the middle, so that you could not go out into the road. Yes, working to keep his family safe!

Wishing you a fond farewell to summer activities

and fresh start to fall and all that it entails in your life.

Enjoy a well-deserved vacation day with those you hold dear, whether furry or not!

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