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Bully Sticks?

  • Alleviates Boredom - If your dog can’t read, knit or do puzzles, he’ll need something to do in his spare time. Having something to chew on (besides your favorite shoes;), will provide a much needed activity to keep him busy and out-of-trouble!

  • Lessens Anxiety - A familiar, comforting chew will help your dog to relax, be at peace and stay focused. Giving your pet something to keep them busy and fill their day with enjoyment is truly an essential part of meeting their needs.

  • For Fun - The act of chewing comes natural to your dog and providing him with something safe, delicious and nutritious to chew on, allows the meeting of several of his needs at once and makes for a happy dog.

  • Healthy - When a chew can provide freedom from boredom and anxiety, and also provides excellent nutrition, it’s a win-win. Our chews aren’t just for chewing pleasure, they are actually a source of protein for the energy your dog needs to run, jump and play.

  • Safe - Our chews and treats are 100% natural, with very few ingredients. Nothing artificial. NO added hormones, antibiotics, steroids or even preservatives. What your dog needs, with nothing that he doesn’t!

bully sticks direct, best prices bully sticks, natural dog treats
bully sticks direct, best prices bully sticks, natural dog treats

About Bully
Sticks Direct

Bully Sticks Direct is about providing bully sticks and other natural, healthy, nutritious chews for your dog at affordable prices, but it’s also about so much more. We’re really about family, yours and ours. As a second generation in the pet industry, our focus has always been on making the highest quality, dog chews and treats from the best brands on the market, available to families like yours. We source only from the best, and what we know to be safe to give to our own pets.

BE CHEWSY! Trust Bully Sticks Direct for your pets needs including Bully Sticks, Achilles Tendons, Turkey Tendons, etc. from humanely raised, and FDA approved sources.
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