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Dog Chews, Bones & Tripe

Bully Sticks Direct offers the highest grade natural pet treats for your favorite pup. Our Chews are made from top grade meats. Now offering Rewards Program + Free Shipping.

Chews are nutritious, lightweight treats. Long-lasting dog chews encourage your dog's natural chewing impulses while keeping him occupied for a long period. To lessen the chance that your dog will hurt his mouth, choke, or experience a blockage of the digestive tract, choose a safe dog chew. Collagen chews, fish chews, beef trachea/oesophagus for dogs, and yak cheese are some of the most secure chews.

The beef pizzle for dogs is the ideal chewy snack for entertaining kids or rewarding excellent conduct. The exquisite flavors of beef hide for dogs are produced from all-natural beef. To offer your dog a pleasant surprise or even to lengthen chew sessions, these tubes may be filled with extra goodies.

A Little About Us

Dog chews are available in plenty at Bully Sticks Direct, including rawhide dog chews, dog bones, and more. To accommodate big jaws, little mouths, and everything in between, we offer a variety of dog bones and chews.

We provide a wide selection of all-natural dog chews to please every canine's taste. Aside from tasting excellent, high-protein dog chews, including ears, trachea tubes, tendons, and chicken chews for dogs are also easy on the stomach.

Several dogs' chew toys and nutritious chew treats can please a compulsive chewer. Our best chews for puppies are loved by every dog owner. Check out our amazing collection of natural chews and dog bones, then start wagging your tail happily!

Precautionary Measures

When feeding your dog any reward, it is advised that you supervise them. Always have a lot of fresh water available. After handling any chew or treat, wash your hands. Keep at room temperature in a dry place.

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