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Pork Dog Treats

Bully Sticks Direct offers the highest grade natural pet treats for your favorite pup. Our Porky Springs and Pizzles are made from top grade pork. Now offering Rewards Program + Free Shipping.

Pork Pizzle for Dogs Treats are a fantastic way to pamper your dog. Only 100% pig pizzle was used to make this delightful treat, making it a great substitute for dogs that are allergic to beef and other red meats. It is completely organic, loaded with protein, and especially appropriate for picky eaters. This delightful treat is ideal for dogs of all shapes and sizes and will always have them salivating with excitement.

In addition to helping to naturally clean your dog's teeth after regular chewing, pork pizzle sticks for dog treats also massage your dog's gums.

All-Natural Pork Pizzle from Bully Sticks Direct is a single-ingredient chew stick produced from pork. These digestible chews are an excellent substitute for rawhide or conventional beef bully sticks for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Our pork pizzle is devoid of chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics. Heavy chewers will love these durable dog chews, which even lessen plaque and tartar formation.

We are pleased to provide dog products that are entirely natural, free of additives or preservatives, and made from the finest, healthiest ingredients. These delicious chews are no different.

Since none of our natural treats include preservatives, we advise keeping them in the freezer or refrigerator. Your dog will adore these frozen foods, so there's no need to defrost them.

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