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Love Your Dog! Seven Ways To Boost Connection, Trust, and Bonding With Your Dog | Choose Bully Sticks

Love Your Dog! Seven Ways To Boost Connection, Trust, and Bonding With Your Dog | Choose Bully Sticks

Aug 29, 2023

One of the best things about having a dog is the unbreakable bond that can develop between the two of you. This bond is so strong that adult dogs have been known to go into depression after being separated from their owners.

You may be quick to assume that just because you are the owner, your dog will love and respect you. However, there is a lot more to building a relationship with your pet than some homemade dog treats, a plethora of toys, or even the best bully sticks on the market. Bonding with your dog, no matter their age, will take a lot of work and patience.

If you are wondering how to better bond with your dog, then you are in the right place! Read on and then visit for more information!

Establishing Trust Between Dog and Dog Owners

One of the first things pet experts will advise is to always have some treats, such as Bully Sticks Direct's collagen sticks, close at hand when working with your dog, especially while training. However, even the best healthy dog treats and dog food made in the USA will not be enough to build a solid bond. As we know, too many treats can lead to overeating and treats for bribery can lead to being spoiled. Pet owners need a few more tricks up their sleeves such as:

Bonding From Day One

Many pet parents will relate to that feeling of seeing their dog for the first time, either as part of a litter, in a rescue shelter, or however you come into ownership of your dog. Usually, that loving feeling stays with you for the duration of your dog's lifetime, not without effort, though. Bonding with your dog should be started from day one. Things that encourage lifelong bonding may include:

  • Bringing treats with you when you go to meet your pet for the first time.
  • Consistently and repeatedly using their name.
  • Engaging in gentle snuggles and petting.
  • One-on-one training with your puppy.
  • Exercising their mental and physical health.

Building Trust With a Rescue or Foster Dog

Bonds with puppies traditionally come easy, but puppies are not always the ones being adopted. Those rescuing or fostering a dog may wonder, how do I build trust with my rescue dog?

When attempting to build trust with a re-homed dog, consider the following:

  • Involve your dog in your daily routine.
  • Consistently show your dog love, praise, and affection.
  • Prioritize one-on-one training. Offer up rewards, such as a healthy treat, for positive reinforcement.
  • Above all, be patient with your dog as they adjust to their new environment.

Other Elements of Bonding With Your Dog

Establishing an initial bond with your dog is just the start of your relationship, but what does it take to build a lasting relationship with your dog?

  • Trust between you and your dog
  • Patience as your dog learns to adjust
  • Gentleness even when trying to end bad habits
  • Slow movements to avoid making the dog anxious
  • Soft voices when training or talking to your dog
  • Offering all-natural dog treats for dogs from Bully Sticks Direct
  • Physical activity (going for walks, snuggling, kisses, gentle petting, etc.)
  • A consistent daily routine
  • Encouragement and praise for good behavior

Factors That Affect Ease of Bonding With Your DogBonding Based on Age and Breed of Your Dog

Even the best treats for dogs may not be enough to change the true nature of your furry friend. Some breeds are easily distracted, aloof, strong-willed, stubborn, or highly independent. Training and bonding with your dog can prove impossible if you are not playing to their strengths. While most will respond positively to some crunchy treats, it's important to understand the breed deeper than that. Try considering some breed-specific activities, such as walking with a Golden Retriever, competitions with a Poodle, traveling, being with other animals, swimming, or enjoying the cold weather with a Husky.

No matter their age, it's important to always prioritize bonding and quality time with your dog. For example, older dogs are a lot more suspicious of people and will not easily break. On the other hand, with a couple tasty, all-natural bully sticks or chews, you can get most young dogs to trust you.

Introducing New Family Members to Your Dog

Even children have a tough time adjusting to a new sibling, so imagine how difficult it must be for dogs that are introduced to new family members. Dogs can be very sensitive when it comes to feeling neglected. They are likely to notice when your attention is elsewhere.

If you are finding it hard to give your dog the attention they need, a healthy dog treat may be enough to distract it for a bit until you have a lot more time on your hands. If you have a new baby, partner, or pet in the house, now is an important time to give some extra love and attention to your dog as you bring this new addition to their life.

Reinforce Training and Good Behavior With Bully Sticks Direct Products

Your dog needs to associate being given a healthy treat with good behavior. The safest treats for dogs do not have too many calories or artificial flavors and can therefore be used routinely throughout the day to keep your dog focused and behaving well.

You can find some of the best dog treats on the market that are all-natural and preservative-free, at Bully Sticks Direct! BSD treats are made from a single-sourced supplier so you can expect a healthy treat every time. Some of the bestsellers from Bully Sticks Direct include:

What Makes Bully Sticks Direct a Great Dog Treat Option

At, you will find the best dog treats on the market for big and small dogs. If you're wondering why, the following reasons are why Bully Sticks are the best dog treats:

  • The treats are made from 100% humanely raised protein sources
  • There are NO artificial flavors, added hormones, or added preservatives
  • Promotes good dental health by scraping off tartar and build up
  • Easily digestible, unlike rawhides
  • Grain-free and natural

Customer Reviews After Using BSD Healthy Dog Treats

Caralyn C had this to say:

"My 2.5-year-old 140 lb Leonberger, Rover, relishes his braided bully sticks. He generally gets one per day, as an after-dinner/evening treat. His teeth look amazing! Your products are great, and your website makes ordering so easy and efficient. Thank you."

Wondering How to Bond With Your Dog? Bully Sticks Direct Has the Answer!

Not too many treats can provide the kind of healthy and balanced meal as those from

If you want to create a lasting bond with your dog, there is no better way to reinforce the relationship than with the healthiest dog treats from Bully Sticks Direct!

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