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​From Puddle to Pro: The Saga of Puppy Potty Training

​From Puddle to Pro: The Saga of Puppy Potty Training

Sep 28, 2023

One of the first things you'll be doing with your new baby furry is potty training, which requires a lot of patience and persistence on your part.

There is no "one answer fits all" regarding timeframes. While most dogs can be reliably house-trained in just a few weeks, your puppy will still have accidents here and there for at least another year.

When Trying to Potty Train a Puppy, How Long Does It Take?

Unfortunately, the time it takes to potty train a puppy varies significantly from one training approach. The good news is that your puppy will only need a couple of weeks of consistent potty training before he or she is completely house-trained.

To be fair, even if your puppy seems to have a solid handle on potty training, accidents are to be expected in the first few months. The following advice will help you get your dog on the right track with house training quickly.

Tips for Puppy Potty Training

Consistency and prevention are the two most important things to remember when potty training a puppy. If you start early enough, your dog will quickly learn that going outside to do its business is preferable to doing it anywhere else.

For the first two weeks, make sure someone is there to keep an eye on them.

Because puppies can't control their bladders for long, having someone nearby to take them out frequently during the first week or two is crucial to their development and training.

And prevention is the focus of their education. Instead of trying to prevent accidents by punishing the dog, it's much more effective to lavish praise on the dog whenever it goes outside to relieve itself.

If you or someone you know can take your dog outdoors frequently during the first week or two, your dog will quickly learn that the outside is the place to relieve itself. Although it may seem unfeasible initially, your dog will rapidly learn that going outside to use the restroom is rewarded and will become the preferred option.

A long leash or tether can be useful for supervision in the first week.

Don't Just Punish Them When They Have an Accident Indoors

One common mistake people make when trying to potty train their puppies is to depend solely on punishment. If you yell at your dog every time it pees on the carpet, it will feel horrible, but it won't learn anything about what it should have done instead.

If you catch your dog in the act, take them outside and caress them with praise if they complete the task there.

Make Sure Your Dog Has a Regular Routine

Consistency in routine is also helpful with potty training. Not only will this assist your puppy in understanding what is expected of them, but it will also allow you to better schedule bathroom breaks throughout the day.

When it's nice outside, your dog should go potty:

  1. Upon waking up in the morning
  2. After finishing their meal
  3. When returning from a stroll or a game,
  4. After they wake up after a nap.
  5. Just before a slumber.

After observing your dog for a few days, you'll know how often it has to go outside to relieve itself and what signs it will display, such as sniffing, barking, or circling, to let you know it's time to take it there.

Make it a delightful event every time they use the toilet outside.

Even if your neighbors think you're crazy, you should give your dog a tonne of praise every time it uses the outdoor bathroom. Express your joy by telling them how great they are and having a little game with them. Get your dog used to potty breaks outside equal fun time.

Ensure to thoroughly clean any indoor areas where they may have had an accident.

The use of an enzymatic pet odor cleanser is recommended because mishaps will occur no matter how careful you are.

Your puppy will learn that the area where it had an accident is an excellent place to relieve itself if the odors from the accident are not removed thoroughly.

Keep in Mind That Mishaps Are Inevitable

Remember that mishaps are inevitable, especially in the first few weeks, andthey are a natural part of settling into a new home.

Don't give up since your puppy will be potty training before you know it if you just stay at it.

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