Safety First When It Comes To Canine Chewing

Safety First When It Comes To Canine Chewing

Aug 29, 2023

All dogs chew; some may chew only when teething, while others seem to make chewing their favorite pastime. Not only is chewing an instinct for canines, but it is also a rite of passage. Dogs chew for various vital reasons; for puppies, it eases the process of teething, and for adult dogs, chewing keeps their teeth clean and provides mental stimulation.

Your dog’s chewing habits are essential for physical and mental health, as long as the items being chewed are safe. With a house full of things that pose a danger to your dog if chewed, you must provide your dog with safe and stimulating chewing options. However, determining the best things for dogs to chew on can be tricky.

Beware Of False Claims

Not everything labeled as a canine chew toy is perfect for your dog, yet if safe toys and treats are not readily available, your favorite sneakers may be a tasty substitute. Since your dog deserves the safest and most stimulating chew toys and treats, let’s take a closer look at how you can make wise choices that keep you and your furry pal happy and content.

Bones Can Pose Health Risks For Canines

Many people are under the impression that raw bones are healthy snacks for their dogs. However, cooked and uncooked bones can still splinter when eaten, posing risks to a dog’s internal organs. Dogs who love the taste of bones can be satisfied by chewing on alternatives such as bully sticks, tendons, and other natural products that are specifically processed to be safe for digestion.

Natural Products Vs. Artificial Products

When choosing your dog’s chew toys, it is best to purchase natural products when possible. While plenty of manufactured products may be strong enough for even the toughest of canine chewers, there is still a risk of ingestion or choking if pieces break off. Natural products offer a safer alternative that is much healthier for your dog to chew and even eat.

Determine Your Dog’s Chewing Habits

To choose suitable chewing toys and treats for your dog, you must first determine its chewing habits. The chewing practices of dogs vary, and you can’t satisfy your dog’s desire without meeting its emotional and physical needs. Some dogs gulp down a treat as fast as possible, while others take their time gnawing on a toy for quite some time.

Still, other dogs want to tear their toy into pieces without ever eating any of them. Once you know your dog’s behavior with toys and treats, you can find suitable objects to fill their needs.

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