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​Guide to Stopping Your Dog's Excessive Barking at Strangers

​Guide to Stopping Your Dog's Excessive Barking at Strangers

Sep 28, 2023

A dog who barks at every stranger they see is the worst kind of dog. Even if they're just trying to keep us safe, it's still embarrassing when our dogs start barking at everyone who walks by. How can you stop your dog from barking at strangers?

In this piece, we'll go through the fundamentals of housebreaking a dog to ensure that you never have to deal with this annoying canine behaviour again.

What are the reasons dogs bark?

When our dogs bark at strangers, there are frequently multiple causes at play. Dogs typically bark at strangers for the most prevalent of the following reasons:

  • Dogs can be territorial when they sense a strong attachment to their home and people. Dogs may react defensively to unfamiliar people because they fear for their safety. Your dog is probably territorial if it only barks at strangers when they get too close to your house or to you when you take it for walks.
  • Dogs sometimes bark at the approach of strangers because they are so excited to meet them for the first time. It's possible that your dog is merely overjoyed when they bark at strangers with their tail wagging and their butt wriggling.
  • Our dogs sometimes bark at strangers since they haven't been properly socialised with people. When meeting new people, an unsocialized dog may bark at them as a form of greeting.
  • Lack of socialisation isn't the only reason our dogs could react defensively to strangers; fear can have the same effect. If your dog is nervous around new people or other animals, he or she can bark at anyone who comes too close to your house.

Methods for Preventing Excessive Barking in Dogs

Your dog may be barking at strangers for a variety of reasons, and now that you know some of them, we can talk about how to stop it through training. Having a well-mannered dog among unfamiliar people is an important obedience ability, so let's see how to teach it.

Avoiding The Problem By Ignoring It

Your dog needs to learn that barking and jumping up on strangers won't get them any attention. If your dog has trouble in certain areas, you can practise this technique by having a buddy act as a stranger in your home. When the dog starts barking and jumping up, make sure the stranger knows to look away. The unfamiliar person can give the dog with a treat once the dog calms down and stops misbehaving. Be sure to boost this reward as your dog learns to behave well among strangers and as they gain confidence in greeting new people.

Get Away!

If your dog is having trouble comprehending that it is inappropriate for it to bark at strangers, it is helpful to demonstrate that the behaviour will not be rewarded with engagement. To achieve this, simply reverse course and head in the opposite direction of the stranger. By doing so, you send the message that continued barking will result in no interaction on your part. When your dog finally quiets down, reward them with a tasty snack. Do this until your dog understands that barking will never win him a treat.

Techniques of Distraction

Distracting your dog from a potential threat is another helpful strategy. When your dog starts barking, try to draw their attention elsewhere. You can do this by clicking, snapping, or jangling your keys. When you finally get your barking dog's attention, you can calmly urge it to sit. If you're successful in distracting your dog, be sure to give them a treat.

Relaxing While Seated

Your dog should be taught to sit respectfully as a stranger welcomes them after they have been taught to be calm and not bark when someone new approaches them. To accomplish this, have a complete stranger approach you and your dog while you are giving them the command to sit. If they obey your commands and sit quietly, you can give them a treat. Be sure to admonish them and wait to offer a reward until they learn to stay seated. To effectively adapt to your dog's pace, this should be done with a complete stranger who is aware of your existing training plan.

Learning to be polite in unfamiliar situations can be a learning curve, just like any other command. If you study the advice we just gave, your dog will soon be greeting strangers with dignity.

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