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Tendons for Dogs

Tendons for Dogs

Feb 28, 2022

Why make dog chews, beef sticks or other treats out of tendon material?

The answer says a lot about how we source the best natural product for dog chews, bully sticks and treats that are essential for your dog's health. It also says a lot about the industry as a whole, and the manufacturing and production services that create these consumer products.

Tendons in the Anatomy

As muscle connectors and rigid sinews in a body’s anatomy, tendons are in some ways perfect for dog chews, as common byproducts in meat processing facilities.

First of all, tendons are high in protein and low in fat, which is generally healthier than the other way around.

In fact, you might think about this as the flipside of the way that we as humans typically eat meat – we rush for the fattier bits and leave the rest behind. That may or may not stand us in good stead through our later years. Dogs, on the other hand, love lean products as well as fatty ones, and will happily chew on a dried tendon for hours.

An occupied dog is a happy dog, as many dog owners have found. Getting these items from a good supplier helps.

Dogs and Dental Care

Tendon material that's properly dried and processed is also good for your dog's teeth.

Typically, your dog doesn't go to the dentist, so it's good for them to have these kinds of things to chew on.

Actually, it's not true that dogs don't use dental services. Unfortunately, since they can't talk it's usually only when these dental problems come to a very extreme point that the owner decides to take the dog in to the dentist. At that point, the dog will probably either need deep cleaning or some kind of more intensive intervention.

Some dogs actually have to have their jaws removed, which makes it hard for them to eat.

Don't wait until that time to address your dog's dental issues – there are some products specifically made to clean dogs’ teeth, but dried tendon materials can help your dog maintain his or her own tooth cleanliness.

So with that in mind, check out all of our products that are made to support your dog’s health and well-being. Bookmark this site, because as a top ecommerce seller of these products, we are going places! Put some effort into making your dog’s days better, and your dog will thank you! 

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