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The Problem With Rawhide Chews | Try Bully Sticks Instead

The Problem With Rawhide Chews | Try Bully Sticks Instead

Aug 29, 2023

When searching for a complete and balanced meal for their pooch, pet parents often find a lot of false information about the healthiest dog treats. Sadly, some of the dog treats made in the USA are just not good for your dog.

In this article, we will look at Rawhide dog treats. These dog treats have been regularly praised as the safest dog treats available on the market. Well, we are here to tell you that such assumptions are not true!

While rawhides are natural ingredient dog treats you can give to your pet, they are very far from being one of the safest treats for dogs (or safest treats for puppies for that matter).

If you are looking for the best healthy dog treats, visit Bully Sticks Direct and look at their extensive range of all-natural dog treats.

What is a Rawhide Dog Treat?

Rawhide is exactly what it sounds like. It is the skin and coat of grass-fed cows that have been processed and made available for dogs as soft treats. Rawhides are meat by-products that are part of the huge industry of dog food made in the USA.

Any pet parent looking for training treats for puppies and adult dogs would assume that, given the name, rawhides are hormone-free dog treats that are healthy for both big and small dogs.

However, to make this dog treat, a lot of toxic chemicals like bleach and hydrogen peroxide are used before the chews are smoked to mask the smell of chemical preservatives and improve the flavor.

Are Rawhides Safe for Dogs?

Are rawhides safe? The answer to that is no! If you are looking for healthy dental treats for your dog, look elsewhere. Bully sticks for dogs, and even certain homemade dog treats, are a far better option.

With rawhide crunchy treats, you are risking your dog's health by exposing it to too many toxic chemicals that may cause significant health problems down the line. When used as puppy treats, rawhides have been known to cause serious issues in dogs with sensitive stomachs.

This is why the Veterinary Oral Health Council does not encourage pet owners looking for the best treats for dogs to consider rawhides as a good option.

The Problems with Rawhide Dog Treats

While it's true that rawhides do not contain too many calories or artificial flavors, they are far from being the best dog treats. Some of the most common problems with rawhide dog treats include:

Bleached Dog Chews

Why would you even consider letting your pet ingest anything that contains bleach? Not all dogs can withstand some of the devastating effects of having chemicals like bleach in their food.

Puppies and older dogs are at the greatest risk of suffering from the effects of bleach, which include:

  • Tooth damage
  • Blood coagulation abnormalities
  • Aspiration pneumonia
  • Kidney damage
  • Problems with your dog's skin

Processed With Toxic Chemicals

Too many treats are made or processed with toxic chemicals by dog food companies that just want to make a quick profit. The more poorly processed dog treats in your dog's diet, the greater the problems you will have.

Therefore, many dog owners end up having problems with overweight dogs or older dogs with skin infections without knowing the root cause of the issue. To be safe, if you are looking for the safest treats for older dogs, stay away from chemical preservatives.

Salmonella Contamination

As a dog owner, one of the things you should be most worried about is salmonella poisoning because it can be lethal, especially for a small dog. What is even worse is that you are also at risk if you come into contact with contaminated rawhide.

Between 2008 and 2011, six batches of rawhide treats were recalled by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) due to salmonella contamination.

Rather than risk your dog's life, stick to chicken jerky treats and bully sticks for puppies as an alternative.

Pieces Stuck in Esophagus and Digestive Tract

Did you know that rawhides can swell to four times their size once they enter your dog's stomach? This is because rawhide treats are made by drying the cow's skin, which makes it shrink.

Now imagine what will happen when your dog eats and swallows an entire rawhide chew! This swelling combined with the rawhide's resistance to digestion has caused a lot of digestive problems and issues with pieces of rawhide stuck in the esophagus.

Myths About Rawhides That Dog Owners Should Know

When looking for a healthy treat for your dog, you may come across a lot of false information that is designed to encourage you to buy rawhide dog treats.

However, the following myths about rawhides are false:

Great for Dental Health - False!

Whichever chewy treats you give to your dog or teething puppy should be milk-bone-soft, chewy, and not break off into small pieces that get stuck between the teeth.

However, most rawhides are quite hard, and a puppy or aggressive chewer can easily break the caps off their teeth trying to chew these treats.

The best bully sticks are made for cleaning tartar build-up from your dog's teeth in the gentlest way possible.

Healthy Treat for Puppies - False!

If we are talking about healthy treats for puppies, we mean:

  • Healthy dog treats made from natural ingredients, such as sweet potatoes, green beans, and chicken liver
  • A wide range of essential vitamins and minerals
  • The natural odor that dogs love, will encourage good behavior and make dog training easier
  • Milk-bone-soft chews
  • Free of artificial flavors, bleach, and chemical preservatives

Rawhide treats do not fit any of the above descriptions, making them bad choices and certainly not the best dog treats for puppies.

Better Than Human Food - False!

We are not fans of giving your dog human food, especially in large quantities as tends to happen during big holidays, such as Thanksgiving.

However, despite all that, human food, such as sweet potato, is still the better choice compared to rawhides when it comes to keeping your dog healthy.

What Is the Best Alternative to Rawhides?

The best alternatives, according to many pet owners and dog trainers are bully sticks. Safe, healthy, and delicious, a single bully stick will provide your dog with all the nutrients he or she requires while keeping them entertained for hours on end.

If you are looking for better choices for your dog's food, try bully sticks and you will not regret it.

Benefits of Bully Sticks

The following are some of the many benefits of giving your dog the best healthy bully sticks:

  • Single-ingredient dog treat
  • Processed with no added chemicals or preservatives
  • A natural-odor, healthy dog treat
  • High in protein and collagen
  • Long-lasting chew, especially if you choose the braided bully sticks
  • A natural treat for dogs of all sizes and ages
  • Great for dental health and your dog's breath

Visit Bully Sticks Direct Now for Healthy Dog Treats

Regardless of your dog's age, or whether you have small or large dogs, giving them a bully stick is sure to get their tails wagging with joy. This low-calorie treat provides a tasty snack that has a wide range of health benefits for your pet.

At Bully Sticks Direct, we supply some of the best real meat bully sticks packed with nutritional value for all dogs, even the picky eaters! Treat your best friend to the best all-natural, single-ingredient treats on the market by visiting Bully Sticks Direct today!

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