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Tips to Protect Your Dog’s Paws in Winter Weather

Tips to Protect Your Dog’s Paws in Winter Weather

Jan 07, 2022

If you have a dog, you know paw care is essential for keeping your four-legged, furry friend happy. You likely know it’s important to groom, check, and protect their paws.

However, do you know how to protect your dog’s paws in the snow? Their paws are particularly vulnerable during the winter months, and just like people, dogs are sensitive to the cold.

Exposure to rain, snow, and cold air can result in dry, itchy skin and chapped paws. You also must worry about things like melting salts and chemicals that may harm your dog.

While this can be scary to think about, there are steps you can take to protect your dog’s paws in winter weather.

Will Snow Hurt Your Pup’s Paws?

The answer to this isn’t a simple “yes” or “no.”

During the winter, along with snow, there are risks to your dog’s paws you should watch for. Some of the hazards you should protect your dog’s paws from include:

  • Objects hidden in the snow
  • Freezing temperatures that cause frostbite
  • Sharp ice
  • Ice-melting salt
  • Toxic chemicals on the ground

Protecting Your Pup’s Paws

Now that you know the risks, it’s time to learn what you can do to protect your dog’s paws.

Regular Grooming

Take steps to ensure that your pup’s paws are ready for winter. This means trimming long-haired dogs to make it harder for ice or salt crystals to dry and cling to them. Be careful when grooming their feet, and be sure to trip any extra hair growing on the paws.

Regular Cleaning

It doesn’t matter where you are going, avoiding ice-melting salt is virtually impossible. Because of this, you should make sure you clean your dog’s paws as soon as you can when you get back home. A cloth and warm water are all you really need.

Take Shorter Walks

If your dog is in the cold for too long, it may experience hypothermia and frostbite on its paws. Rather than going for long walks, consider taking more frequent, shorter walks.

Moisturize Their Paws

During the winter, most people need a little more moisture. To get this, you likely use lotions and creams. Your dog can benefit from this, too.

You can purchase paw balm that is specially formulated for use on dogs. You can also make your own at home.

Consider Dog Boots

You can purchase dog booties or shoes to help prevent injuries and protect your dog’s paws. Consider giving them a treat when you first put them on since many dogs won’t like how they feel.

Keeping Your Dog’s Paws Safe During the Winter Months

As you can see, there are several ways you can keep your dog’s paws safe and healthy during the winter months. Being informed and knowing what to do are the best ways to minimize issues while ensuring your dog can enjoy the winter weather. You can also ask your vet for other suggestions about maintaining your dog’s paw health. 

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