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Your Dog, The Carnivore

Your Dog, The Carnivore

Aug 29, 2023

Okay, technically, your dog’s an omnivore.

Thinking realistically, though, no matter what the breed is, your dog will enjoy some well-earned meats in both meals and snacks.

There's a basic biology that suggests that these types of mammals (and others) are naturally conditioned to chew on the flesh of other species lower in the food chain.

In fact, even the smallest dogs might nibble on meat from an animal dozens of times bigger than themselves.

It's kind of weird to think about, but it makes sense when you try to figure out what you're going to feed your beloved pup!

Meat Eating and Nutrition

There are certain enzymes in meat that are good for an animal’s system. There is also a supply of iron and related minerals.

But then there's just the taste and texture of the food that your animal eats. Not to mention the smell.

Your Dog's Sniffer

One thing to remember is that your dog can smell much better than you!

Dogs are excellent at figuring out what's in something by sniffing at it for just a short time. The receptors in their nose show them all sorts of interesting facts, like whether something is made of meat, and how long it has been left at room temperature.

If you know a lot about dog biology, you also know that they have strong stomachs. Dogs were historically built to be able to eat carrion and other offal that they encountered in the wild.

So even if a rare hamburger might make you sick, your dog might be able to eat it, no problem.

Anyway, that's a little bit about canine nutrition and why you're going to eventually need to give your dog a well-balanced diet to make him or her as healthy as possible.

There is this old story about an oil magnate or somebody who started believing in vegetarianism and decide to feed his dogs only vegetables – with some pretty pathetic results. Animals like this may become anemic without the sorts of nutrition that meat provides to them!

The good news is that these types of animals can eat all sorts of strange meat byproducts that never make it to your dinner table.

So in terms of using the whole Buffalo – or whatever a butcher happens to be slaughtering – there's an opportunity to take those secondary products and make all sorts of cool dog chews and snacks.

That's where we come in - sourcing the most high quality bully sticks and related material for your dog. They are storage-ready, natural and healthy, and your dog will love chewing on them.

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