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"Formerly known as Supreme"

Product Specifications:
Bully Sticks Size 12", Jumbo
Bully Sticks Type Odor Free, Straight
Chewing Tendency Average, Aggressive
Dog Size Large, X-Large
Life-Stage All Stages

Nutritional Information:  
Crude Protein  81.2 % min
Crude Fat   1.8 %  min
Crude Fiber   2 %  max
Moisture   15 %  max


Feeding Instructions :

Remember to always supervise your dog when giving chews and provide plenty of fresh, clean water. Not for Human Consumption.


Store your bully sticks in the original zip lock bag under cool conditions

What do the terms Standard, Select, Supreme, Monster, and Mega Monster mean?

  • The terms have to do with how the bully sticks are sorted.
  • All the bully sticks are sorted by weight, so you get exactly what you pay for.
  • Most companies sort by looks only which can sometimes be deceiving because a lot of times a bully stick can look very big, but can be very light in weight. So even though it looks big, it won't last as long because it is light and not very dense.
  • For that reason, we have found the best way to sort is by weight, and not just looks.
  • So the size order from lightest to heaviest goes Standard, Select, Supreme, Monster, and Beyond Monster which are the heaviest.

Why buy by weight? 

  • Buying by Weight guarantees you get what you pay for, not just empty words
  • Dogs don't eat adjectives, Dogs eat bully sticks
  • The Number of Pieces per Pound Varies, But the Weight is Guaranteed Accurate

10 Reviews

  • 5
    Only buying these from now on

    Posted by Jason on 10/22/21

    My large GSD is one of the heaviest chewers I've ever met, and it's very important that I keep him happy with something to chew on every day or two. These Bully Sticks are exactly what I've been looking for and haven't found until now. The size/thickness is great, and it takes him a solid 20-30 minutes to chew through one of these. As a bonus, they are made in the USA and support a small business, so there's no need to ever try another brand of bully stick again-- these ones hit all the marks for me. Being priced by the pound is definitely one of the best selling points, as it ensures consistency of value. It's great to get sticks that are evenly sized, instead of a bunch of tiny ones and one big one like with other brands. Will be a loyal customer for life-- please don't change or sell out to one of the corporations!

  • 5
    12" jumbo bully sticks

    Posted by Laura Harakaly on 09/6/21

    These are awesome. I have Jack Russells that are active chewers. These last them a few days. The greyhound loves it also.

  • 4
    My pup loves them

    Posted by Priscilla on 07/26/21

    I like the quality of these bully sticks. I’ve only had one split where my dog was able to rip a small piece off from one end to the other. Package says odor free but they still have a slight odor, the smell is mostly activated once the chewing starts but my pup is happy so I’m happy. I also feel like you get great quantity for the price, this company goes by weight and the sticks are a good size. Oooh FREE SHIPPING :)

  • 5
    Supreme bully stick

    Posted by Stephen on 07/5/21

    Best and safest product out there

  • 5
    12” odor free Supreme bully sticks

    Posted by Doreen Coyne on 05/3/21

    My dog LOVES these! I credit his 20 minutes of chewing one each morning with keeping his teeth clean. Plus, they are truly odor-free and the Customer Service is excellent as well!

  • 5
    12" Supreme Bully Sticks No Odor

    Posted by Mary B on 01/11/21

    you really get your money's worth since you pay by the lb, not the piece.The companies that charge by the piece, are rarely consistent in their thickness. these are very high quality ! will be a repeat customer! Thank you Greg for great customer service too

  • 5
    Best on the market

    Posted by Holly on 07/10/20

    I have a very picky, heavy chewing German Shepherd boy. You name it, I've tried it, as far as treats go (food as well, but that's another story!). These are the only treats that Rocky gets excited about, and he will actually "ask" for them if it's been a few days. Compared to other chewing treats, these ones actually last for a length of time versus most others that he can chew through in a matter of a minute or two. They don't smell horrible and he does not get awful dog farts from these ones either, unlike other bully sticks that we've tried in the past. Not only is the quality exceptional, the customer service and logistics of this company are awesome. The product is always consistent and the shipping is always fast. The company is quick to respond to questions, too. I highly recommend them all around. Please don't change a thing, you guys are the best of the best!

  • 5

    Posted by A Recent Client on 08/27/19

    My dogs love these!

  • 4
    Fantastic Deal

    Posted by Paul and Paddy on 06/9/16

    During the sale the Monster size had depleted. The staff was kind enough to pull the larger Supreme size for my order. My Irish Terrier takes a few days to gnaw through them. Paddy goes through a Supreme with two days. He loves the products I wish the largest size remained stocked.

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