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Best Quality 6" JUNIOR BULLY STICKS - ODOR FREE!! (EXTRA SMALL THICKNESS) natural dog treats natural dog bones from Bully Sticks Direct
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A long-lasting natural dog chew made from only 100% beef, high in protein and low in fat. Each dog chew provides a natural source of essential minerals. These 6 Inch Junior Bully Sticks are odor-free for every pet and pet parent’s convenience. 6" Junior Bully Sticks - Odor Free are grain-free and natural treat that is a healthy, safe alternative to rawhide treats. Plus, when you choose natural dog treats like, 6" Junior Bully Sticks - Odor Free you're promoting good dental health by scraping off tartar and build up while your pup chews. 

Junior bully sticks are the thinnest bully sticks we offer, and are often referred to as steer sticks. These are a great chew for small dogs, and although any dog can have them, larger dogs will just enjoy them more as a quicker treat.


Product Specifications:
Bully Sticks Size 6", Junior
Bully Sticks Type Odor Free, Straight
Chewing Tendency Light
Dog Size Small, Medium
Life-Stage All Stages, Young, Senior


Nutritional Information:  
Crude Protein  81.2 % min
Crude Fat   1.8 %  min
Crude Fiber      2 %  max
Moisture    15 %  max


What do the terms Standard, Select, Supreme, Monster, and Mega Monster mean?

  • The terms have to do with how the bully sticks are sorted.
  • All the bully sticks are sorted by weight, so you get exactly what you pay for.
  • Most companies sort by looks only which can sometimes be deceiving because a lot of times a bully stick can look very big, but can be very light in weight. So even though it looks big, it won't last as long because it is light and not very dense.
  • For that reason, we have found the best way to sort is by weight, and not just looks.
  • So the size order from lightest to heaviest goes Standard, Select, Supreme, Monster, and Beyond Monster which are the heaviest.

Why buy by weight? 

  • Buying by Weight guarantees you get what you pay for, not just empty words
  • Dogs don't eat adjectives, Dogs eat bully sticks
  • The Number of Pieces per Pound Varies, But the Weight is Guaranteed Accurate


Feeding Instructions :
Please monitor your dog while feeding these gourmet natural treats, they are fully digestible however, please always provide a fresh supply of drinking water for your pup.

Store your bully sticks in the original zip lock bag under cool conditions

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