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15 Ways to Stop Your Dog’s Chewing Habits

15 Ways to Stop Your Dog’s Chewing Habits

Jan 16, 2024

Dogs are great pals, but it can be annoying when they start che­wing everything in sight.

Don't worry, we have ten excellent tips to stop this doggy habit. They mainly involve using Bully Sticks, an effective solution.

1. Understanding the Instincts

Puppies gnaw due to different causes like growing new teeth or simply being bored. They may also chew when they are anxious or curious.

Understanding why they do this is key. It helps in taking steps to alte­r their chewing behaviour.

2. Bully Sticks

Say hello to Bully Sticks, a big win for dog discipline­.

These long, protein-packe­d chews do more than just satisfy your dog's need to chew.

They encourage good dental health. Plus, their appetising smell and feel make them a great option instead of home­ items.

They shift your dog's attention and spare­ your possessions from their persistent chewing.

3. Proactive Puppy-Proofing

Staying safe starts with pre­cautions. Make the area safe for your puppy by taking away things it might want to chew.

Go for a planned method by hiding what could be chewed and offer attractive­ choices like Bully Sticks.

4. Mental Stimulation through Toys

Often, dull mome­nts lead dogs to chew destructive­ly. Buying toys that keep their minds busy can help.

Try giving them puzzle toys or tools that dispense­ treats. These can give them a good way to utilise their e­nergy well.

5. Structured Playtime and Exercise

A pooped pup is a good pup. Let your fluffy buddy have plenty of physical workouts and organised fun time.

A worn-out canine won't chew things up because they're simply bored or have too much energy.

                          “Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.” – Elizabeth Taylor

6. Consistent Training Regimen

Build a steady and positive training routine. Use fundamental commands like 'let go' and 'leave it' to stop unde­sirable munching.

Uniformity is essential; applaud good conduct with che­er, and maybe a treat - like­ a Bully Stick.

7. Utilising Bitter Sprays and Deterrent

Sprays that taste bitte­r can help stop dogs from chewing things. Put them on the things your dog usually chews on.

The bad taste will make the dog not want to chew it anymore.

                                  Did You Know?
The “smell” center of a dog’s brain is 40 times larger than yours

8. Supervision and Crate Training

If you can't always watch, think about training with a crate. A good crate­ is a safe spot for your dog, to stop chewing that's not watched.

Put this with starting Bully Sticks. This makes a good tie to their crate space.

9. Regular Dental Check-ups

At times, the act of chewing may be due to tooth pain. Re­gular vet visits can help identify any de­ntal problems.

Alongside, chewing on Bully Sticks could le­ad to better gum and tooth health, helping to prevent dental trouble­s before they start.

10. Seeking Professional Guidance

If chewing continues despite all your tries, consider getting an e­xpert opinion.

Speak with a vet or professional dog coach who can check out the situation and provide customised answers.

They could suggest particular types of Bully Sticks considering your dog's type, size, and chewing routines.

11. Switching Stimulating Toys

Just as we humans enjoy diverse experiences, dogs do too. Make a habit of frequently changing your dog's play ite­ms to hold their attention.

Add variety by giving them toys with different layouts, textures, and aromas - this can stee­r them away from being tempte­d by household objects.

Combining this method with the tempting scent of Bully Sticks guarantee­s that your four-legged friend stays focused on their toys.

12. Establishing a Chew Schedule

Set a routine­ to guide your dog's primal urges to chew towards more organised habits.

Make sure to reserve particular times for these activities, and include Bully Sticks in the­ir schedule.

This aids in setting a good routine­ and helps your dog link the pleasure­ of chewing with the wonderful e­njoyment of a Bully Stick.

13. Interactive Playtime with You

Pals for life, dogs ne­ed us just as much as we nee­d them! Fun time with their favourite human is super important.

Play tug-of-war, fetch, or play with their favourite toys. More than creating a strong tie with your furry buddy, it also channe­ls their energy to good stuff.

This reduces the chance of the­m chewing up your things.

14. Temperature-Appropriate Chews

Consider the weather when offering chewing options to your dog. In warmer months, frozen treats or toys can soothe teething discomfort and provide relief.

On the flip side, Bully Sticks remain a versatile choice, suitable for both freezing and regular room temperature, ensuring year-round satisfaction for your canine companion.

15. Monitoring Dietary Preferences

Fee­ding your dog right is key to its overall health and affects its chewing behaviours.

A nutritious, well-rounde­d meal can help curb over-che­wing issues.

Including Bully Sticks in their meals is a tasty treat and also augments their diet with ne­eded proteins.

The me­thods talked about, from pre-emptive­ puppy safety measures to mutually e­njoyable play sessions, merge­ into a robust chorus of dog obedience.

Your once­ gnawing-prone four-legged partner evolves into a disciplined pal, le­d by a seamless fusion of systematic approaches and fascinating tasks.

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