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5 Essential Apps Every Dog Owner Needs

5 Essential Apps Every Dog Owner Needs

May 15, 2024

Our furry companions bring endless joy, goofy grins, and unconditional love into our lives. But being a responsible dog owner requires dedication, organization, and sometimes, a little technological help! Thankfully, the world of apps offers a plethora of tools to make our lives easier. It only makes sense that they have a few tailored to making our dogs' lives easier, too!

In this blog, we'll explore some of the most beneficial apps for dog owners, covering everything from finding reliable pet care to keeping your pup safe and entertained. If you have a smartphone, these apps are likely available to you. Please note that these apps may require the creation of an account, monthly payments, or in-app purchases.

Treat Time Made Easy: Bully Sticks Direct

Every dog deserves a delicious and healthy treat, an emphasis on healthy! Bully Sticks Direct takes the guesswork out of finding high-quality bully sticks, a classic dog chew prized for its long-lasting enjoyment and dental benefits. With their newly launched app, available on both the App Store and Google Play, you can easily order your pup’s bully sticks directly to your doorstep, choosing from various sizes and flavors to suit your dog's preferences. What’s more, the app allows you to set up subscriptions for recurring deliveries, ensuring your pup never runs out of their favorite chew.

  • Allow for push notifications for updates on newly-released treats.
  • Create a wish list of treats your pup loves and wants to try!
  • Join Bully Stick Direct’s Rewards and VIP program for exclusive offers!
  • Take advantage of the app’s convenient “Auto-Ship” feature so your pup is never left begging for treats!

Learn more about this convenient app today!

Finding the Perfect Fit: Rover

Finding a trustworthy pet sitter or dog walker can feel like a daunting task, especially if you do not live by family or friends. Enter Rover, a popular app for dog owners that connects pet parents with verified caregivers in their area. Rover offers a variety of services, including dog walking, in-home pet sitting, doggy daycare, and even overnight boarding. You can browse dog walker’s profiles, read honest reviews from other dog owners, and schedule meet-and-greets before entrusting your furry friend to a new caregiver.

You should never leave your pup alone for extended periods of time. Yes, even leaving them alone during the workday can harm their physical and mental health. If you have a high-energy dog, consider investing in a daily dog walker! Not only does it get your pup some exercise, but it gives them some extra love while they await your return.

Keeping Tabs on Your Pup: Tracktive

Peace of mind is priceless, especially when it comes to our furry friends. Tracktive is a GPS tracker app that allows you to monitor your dog's location in real time. This app is ideal for adventurous pups who love exploring the outdoors, or for anxious pet parents who want to ensure their dog stays within a safe radius. Tracktive offers various features like location history, virtual fences, and activity tracking, all designed to keep you informed and in control. This GPS app, among others, is much more advanced and reliable than an AirTag.

Adventures Await: BringFido

Hitting the road with your canine companion shouldn't be a hassle. BringFido is a fantastic app that helps you discover dog-friendly destinations, from hotels and restaurants to parks and beaches. Search for locations by specifying your travel dates and your dog's breed, ensuring every stop on your journey is pup-approved. BringFido even allows you to read reviews from other dog owners, offering valuable insights into pet amenities and policies.

Whenever you bring your dog in public, make sure you are considerate of strangers who may not be “dog-people”. Come prepared with a leash, water bowl, and all-natural dog treats to make sure Fido stays on their best behavior!

Bully Sticks Direct has a large catalog of healthy dog treats your pup is sure to love! Explore our selection on the app today!

Be Prepared for Anything: Pet First Aid

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. The Pet First Aid app from the American Red Cross equips you with essential pet first aid knowledge and resources. This app provides step-by-step instructions on handling common canine emergencies like choking, bleeding, and allergic reactions. It also offers a handy pet CPR guide and a searchable database of veterinary clinics, allowing you to locate the nearest emergency care facility quickly.

  • Create a profile for your pet with their name, age, breed, medical ID, and more.
  • Take online first-aid training courses.
  • Check the list of early warning signs in unwell pets to stay ahead of disaster.

It is better to be safe than sorry. We wouldn’t take shortcuts or risks with ourselves or our children. It’s important to exercise the same care and caution of our furry friends!

There’s An App for That!

Technology can be a powerful tool for enhancing your relationship with your dog. By incorporating the right apps into your routine, you can ensure your furry companion receives the best care, enjoys exciting adventures, and lives a happy and healthy life. The apps mentioned in this blog are just the tip of the iceberg - explore your app store and see what the digital world has to offer!

Bully Sticks Direct prides itself on keeping up with the trends and needs of our loyal pet parents. In order to offer your pup the best of the best, we created a Bully Sticks Direct app to offer YOU the best of the best! Download the Bully Sticks Direct app today! 

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