Bully Sticks Direct | Healthy Dog Treats Made in the USA

Bully Sticks Direct | Healthy Dog Treats Made in the USA

Aug 25, 2022

As pet parents, you are now faced with increasingly difficult decisions to make whenever you search for healthy dog treats for your pooch.

As you try your best to avoid artificial preservatives, you will be faced with unfamiliar terms, such as "grass-fed," "free range," and "100% all-natural dog treats."

Buying dog food seems to have become a lot more complicated than it used to. However, there is a way you can avoid having to struggle each time you go out for some crunchy treats for your best friend, and that’s by choosing a trusted brand and sticking with it.

The easiest way to ensure that the brand you choose is reliable and trustworthy is to check for the "Made in the USA," seal of approval.

One such brand is Bully Sticks Direct, a supplier of the healthiest, all-natural dog treats that dogs love. We supply a wide range of dog treats for:

  • Small dogs
  • Large dogs
  • Puppies
  • Adult dogs
  • Dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Dogs undergoing training
  • Traveling dogs

Visit our website now, and take a look at the long list of training treats, puppy treats, dog bully sticks, braided bully sticks, ball jerky treats, and many other dog chews that we supply.

What Qualifies a Dog Treat To Be a “USA Made” Product?

Knowing that in this country, pet food is closely scrutinized for safety and health, means that whenever you see the "USA Made" stamp, you can buy the products with confidence. However, while you can be sure that the dog treats are good for your pet, the seal does not necessarily mean that the ingredients were sourced in the US.

What this seal really means is that a significant part of the manufacturing and packaging of the product was done within the US. Therefore, there is a risk that some (if not all) of the ingredients could have been imported from other countries whose food regulations you have no way of knowing, such as China or South America.

At this point, you must be wondering how you can guarantee a healthy treat for your dog. The answer is you need to go a step further and check if the local manufacturer also uses a single source supplier from within our borders.

This is easier to do with single ingredient products, such as those made by Bully Sticks Direct. Once you are sure that our company safely produces the best bully sticks using local ingredients, you can take advantage of our wide range of products.

Bully Sticks Products With the “Made in the USA” Stamp of Approval

Dog owners who care about the health benefits of the treats they give to their pets need to know how to read labels properly before buying. It is very risky to purchase dog treats before verifying that the ingredients are organic and locally sourced.

What makes our bully sticks safe is that they are single-ingredient products made from quality meat, such as grass-fed beef, chicken breast, chicken liver, beef liver, and other human-grade ingredients.

Out of the many dog treats supplied by Bully Sticks Direct, two of them carry the "Made in the USA" seal of approval, and these are:

Gobble! Turkey Tendons

This is a tasty and long-lasting chew that is made from 100% high-protein turkey. These tendons are made from a single ingredient, unlike similar products which may include chemical preservatives, artificial additives, or an extra ingredient, such as sweet potato.

A turkey tendon is similar to a bully stick in that it promotes the dental health of your dog by removing plaque to prevent tartar buildup while your dog chews.

Dog Nip Meat Sticks

Another bully-stick-type of product that is made in the USA is Dog Nip’s meat sticks that rivals the best bully sticks for dental health benefits. This treat is suitable for most dogs, regardless of the breed or size of your dog. If your dogs are picky eaters or suffer from food sensitivities, then Dog Nip is a good grain-free alternative that will help promote your dog's health.

When being mindful of your dog’s food sensitivities, consistency is key. Changes in taste, smell, and ingredients can upset your dog’s stomach. This is where the importance of finding a dog treat brand that is a single-source supplier is so important!

What Is a Single Source Supplier?

A single source supplier is when one vendor is selected to be the sole supplier of a particular product. This is ideal for:

  • Consistency. You know you are purchasing the same product every time.
  • Quality. The taste, smell, and quality of the product will be the same in every package.
  • Safety. You can trust that your dog will be safe to eat the treats time and time again.

Bully Sticks Direct is an example of a company that procures its raw meat and other ingredients using a single source supplier.

Benefits of Using Single Source Suppliers

Many benefits come with using a single source supplier, such as:

Maintain Product Consistency

The smell, look, weight, and taste of each individual bully stick has to be kept the same for each batch. This is difficult to achieve for companies that use multiple suppliers, and the risk is that once in a while, they will be supplied with an inferior product.

At Bully Sticks Direct, we always know exactly what we are getting because of the long-standing relationship and understanding between us and our supplier. This is why every bully stick that we sell has the perfect size and quality that our customers expect.

Lower Pricing

By consolidating all our requirements under one supplier, we can be offered lower prices for buying in bulk, and also loyalty discounts that come with proving consistent business. Various logistical costs, such as transportation, are also reduced when dealing with one supplier.

What To Look Out for When Buying Healthy Dog Treats

As we mentioned earlier, it is important to know how to read and understand the labels on a dog treat’s packaging before buying. Here are some of the things you should look for (or avoid completely):

  • Avoid artificial chemicals, colors, preservatives, and flavors
  • Stay away from meat by-products
  • If your dog has allergies, avoid wheat flour, corn, and soy
  • Salt, molasses, and syrups are also not a good idea
  • Look for grains, free-range beef, vegetables, and fruits

Products Sourced and Packaged in the USA

These are the products available on the Bully Sticks Direct website that are locally sourced and packaged for your dog’s benefit:

These treats are made of very few ingredients and provide a balanced meal without too many calories. They also last longer in your dog's mouth which is good for their teeth. Dog trainers regularly use them as a low-calorie treat to reward good behavior.

Important Certifications When Making a Healthy Dog Treat

The following are the two most important certifications that are unique to the best bully sticks on the market:

USDA Approval

While this does not directly relate to the dog treats or their ingredients, USDA approval is required for the manufacturing plant, equipment, and the process used to make the dog treat.

FDA Approval

The FDA is the one that regulates the manufacturing of the pet food itself, including determining the source of the ingredients, and whether the vitamins and minerals stated on the packaging are indeed found in the dog treats.

Shop at Bully Sticks Direct Today!

Finding the right dog treats for your pooch starts with identifying a brand that is committed to manufacturing dog treats that are of such a high standard that it is even fit for human consumption.

Bully Sticks Direct has a wide range of all-natural, 100% organic, and grain-free dog treats that are loved by dogs and dog owners alike. Get your dog the best bully sticks on the market today and shop now!

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