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Microchipping Matters: Why Every Dog Owner Should Chip Their Pup

Microchipping Matters: Why Every Dog Owner Should Chip Their Pup

Jun 17, 2024

As responsible pet owners, we all want to ensure our pet’s safety and well-being. If you haven’t experienced it already, imagine the panic of a lost dog – the frantic searching, the sleepless nights, the constant worry. Microchipping your dog is a simple yet incredibly effective way to increase the chances of a happy reunion if your pup ever gets separated from you. The procedure, if you could even call it that, is fast and painless. In fact, your dog can be microchipped at a routine veterinary appointment.

At Bully Sticks Direct, our priority is the health and safety of your canine companion. We are an all-natural dog treat company that looks to support dog lovers beyond offering healthy and delicious dog treats. This blog, like our others, aims to educate and support your journey as a pet parent. Now, let’s learn more about microchipping!

What is a Microchip and How Does It Work?

A microchip is a tiny rice-sized device implanted painlessly under your dog's skin, usually between the shoulder blades. It contains a unique identification number that can be read by a scanner used by veterinarians and animal shelters. Think of it as a permanent ID card for your dog, something much more reliable than a collar and tag that can fall off or become unreadable.

Here's why microchipping is an essential part of responsible dog ownership:

Increased Chance of Reuniting with a Lost Dog: According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), dogs with microchips are significantly more likely to be reunited with their owners than those without. A lost dog with a microchip can be quickly identified and scanned, leading you straight back to your beloved pup. It is important to note that a microchip is NOT a GPS device. If you’re looking for something to track your dog’s location, there’s an app for that!

Quick and Painless Procedure: Microchipping is a routine veterinary procedure, often performed during a regular checkup or vaccination appointment. The process is similar to a vaccination and takes just a few seconds, no anesthesia required! The procedure requires zero downtime - your pup won’t notice the microchip at all.

Permanent Identification: Unlike collars and tags that can fall off or become illegible, a microchip is permanent and doesn't require replacement. Upon registration of the microchip, your pup is able to be identified by all universal scanners commonly found at veterinarian offices and animal shelters.

Peace of Mind for You: Knowing your dog has a microchip provides immense peace of mind. You can relax a little easier during walks or adventures, knowing there's another layer of security if they ever get lost.

Deters Theft: Microchips can deter pet theft, as they make it easier to identify stolen animals.

Taking Action: How to Microchip Your Dog

Microchipping your dog is a simple yet incredibly impactful step in responsible pet ownership. Puppies can be microchipped as early as eight weeks, after they have been weaned from their mother. Still, there is no age cap to which your pup can be microchipped. If you are adopting a pup from a shelter, they may already be chipped! Ask the shelter to check or take them to the vet to verify.

By microchipping your dog, providing them with proper training, regular vet care, and high-quality treats from Bully Sticks Direct, you're giving them the best chance to live a long, healthy, and happy life by your side. Think of it as an investment in your cherished companion and the peace of mind it brings to you.

Microchipping Shows Responsible Dog Ownership

Schedule Regular Vet Checkups

Microchipping is just one aspect of responsible dog ownership and goes hand-in-hand with scheduling yearly vet check ups. At these check-ups, ask your veterinarian to scan your pup’s microchip to ensure that it is working properly. This is also a great time to update your pet’s registration information in case you have moved homes and are due for a change of address. Afterwards, proceed with the usual tests and procedures that will verify your furry friend's health and wellbeing.

A vet checkup is especially important if your pup was lost and found. Ask the vet to check for any possible injuries or infections that could have been obtained during their time away from home.

Invest in Proper Training

Another mark of responsible dog ownership is a well-trained pup. Invest in obedience training to equip your dog with the commands and skills to navigate the world safely. That way, they will “heel” and stay out of harm's way. Training not only makes your dog’s life easier, but yours as well! In a perfect world, you’ll never have to rely on your dog’s microchip to be reunited with them because they will never get lost!

Provide Your Pup with an All-Natural Diet

As a pet parent, we have an extra mouth to feed! It is important to be selective when choosing the right dog treats for your pup. Many popular brands are filled with unhealthy ingredients but branded with deceiving claims. It is crucial to do your research, check the ingredients list, and see through the marketing schemes. If you’re looking for all-natural treats with any added hormones, dyes, or preservatives, you’ll want to check out Bully Sticks Direct!

Microchipping FAQ

How much does it cost to get my dog microchipped?

Microchipping your dog typically costs around $45 although every clinic and veterinarian is subjected to enforcing their own pricing.

Is microchipping only for dogs?

Cats can also be microchipped! If you have both cats and dogs in your home, it is a wise decision to microchip each of them.

How long will the microchip last?

Microchips are not battery-operated but will last your pet’s entire lifetime. Microchips use a technology called radio-frequency identification (RFID) that’s power is activated when in contact with a universal scanner. As previously mentioned, it does not hurt to have the chip scanned at your vet appointments just to make sure it is working properly.

Will the microchip help me track the location of my lost dog?

Unfortunately, microchips are not GPS devices. The microchip reveals valuable identification information when it is scanned at a shelter or vet’s office. The microchip cannot track the whereabouts of your pet if they are lost.

How soon can I get my dog microchipped?

Your dog can be microchipped as soon as they have been weaned off of their mother and are ready for adoption, typically eight weeks. No dog is “too old” to be microchipped.

Bully Sticks Direct: Treats You Can Trust

At Bully Sticks Direct, we understand the importance of responsible dog ownership and providing our furry friends with the best possible care. That's why we offer a wide variety of premium, all-natural Bully Sticks made without preservatives, hormones, dyes, or antibiotics. Believe it or not, most mainstream dog treat companies cannot say the same!

Our long-lasting bully sticks are delicious and satisfying for your dog, available in many sizes for all ages, weights, and breeds of pups. Shop by size on our website! Follow along with us on Instagram for early access to promotions and news. 

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