National Poison Prevention Month | Choose Bully Sticks Direct for Safe, Single-Ingredient Treats

National Poison Prevention Month | Choose Bully Sticks Direct for Safe, Single-Ingredient Treats

Mar 30, 2023

Since March is National Poison Prevention Month and National Nutrition Month, it seems like the perfect time to talk about the kinds of food you want to keep your dogs away from eating and the low-calorie treat they should be eating from Bully Sticks Direct!

Not all of the so-called "safest dog treats" are all that they talk themselves up to be. This makes it challenging to find the best food for your dog. Below, we've compiled some easy-to-digest (pun intended) information that will help all dog parents prioritize their dog's health.

Top 5 Causes of Animal Poisoning

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is partnered with the Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) team. Pet parents rely on the APCC's guidance when a poisoning emergency happens. You may need to learn that toxicologists from the center share data from these incidents, which helps people like you understand what is most likely to poison your pet.

Based on the 2018 numbers that the article spanned, 213,773 calls, the top five causes of animal poisoning from accidental swallowing were:

  1. Over-the-counter drugs - 19.6%
  2. Prescriptions for human medication - 17.5%
  3. Food - 11.4%
  4. Chocolate - 10.1%
  5. Veterinary products - 9.3%

If you think your pet may have ingested a potentially poisonous substance, call (888) 426-4435 immediately.

How Can I Prevent My Dog from Being Poisoned?

While both puppies and adult dogs are susceptible to accidents, there's quite a lot you can do to minimize the risk of a poisoning incident. Here are some easy-to-implement recommendations:

  • Don't have poisonous plants in or around the home
  • Pay attention to the instructions on any insecticides or rodenticides that you may have
  • Ensure that personal medications are appropriately labeled
  • If there are areas where chemicals or toxins are being used, keep your pet away from them
  • Monitor the quantities of medicine in each container so that if there is an incident, you can accurately estimate how much your dog has ingested
  • Store chemicals and medicines out of the reach of curious paws and noses

Food Ingredients to Avoid

Whether it's food for dinner or training treats, knowing what's in them is one of the best steps you can take to keep your dog's diet in check. Certain ingredients will not contribute to a healthy dog, and they include:

  1. Artificial preservatives
  2. Added sugar (Look for Xylitol)
  3. Butylated hydroxy anisole (BHA)
  4. Corn syrup

Check out our latest blog post for more information about harmful dog food ingredients latest blog post.

Food Ingredients Deemed a Healthy Treat

On the flip side, some of the best treats for dogs have ingredients that are very beneficial to their growth, development, and overall health. These are the kinds of things you want to see in your dog and puppy treats:

  1. Vitamins and minerals
  2. Berries, pumpkin, and other superfoods
  3. Fiber that comes from fruits and vegetables
  4. Carbohydrates that are found in sweet potatoes, berries, squash, rice, and pumpkin
  5. Healthy fat content such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  6. Real pork liver, natural chicken breast, and other real meats or their by-products.

Pet Food Safety Tips

Even if you take the required dietary precautions by only getting the safest treats for dogs, if you aren't handling them properly, you can still end up with poisoned or sick pets. Here are three essential food safety tips:

  • Ensure that any water bowls, food bowls, treat toys, feeding mats, or placemats used by your pet are frequently cleaned.
  • Even when buying all-natural dog treats, pay attention to the storage information on the labels so that you can preserve them well.
  • Keep abreast of any outbreaks or food recalls. Even brands known for dog treats that are healthy can have a manufacturing or supply chain incident. However, companies will inform the public about such matters. Do not feed your pet contaminated or recalled food.

It would be best to focus on keeping yourself and your family safe. Before and after handling pet food or treats, wash your hands well with soap and water. Additionally, do not let your pets lick your face or mouth immediately after eating. You should also avoid having them lick wounded areas or where the skin is broken.

Healthy Dog Treats Are the Way to Go!

Thankfully, it's easy for you to find healthy dog treats made in the USA. Selecting them should never stop being a priority, considering that doing so is one of the best ways to increase your dog's likelihood of a healthy life.

Do you want to have your pet around for as long as possible? If your answer is yes, which it likely is, nutrition is a key factor. Dogs are living beings just like you, and as you know, what you eat is a significant factor that goes into your overall health.

Why Natural Ingredients Are Better Than Artificial Ones in Dog Food

The healthiest dog treats made in the USA, such as those from Bully Sticks Direct, have the benefit of a natural composition and flavor. Artificial preservatives, flavors, and other non-natural ingredients are just as harmful to dogs as they would be to humans and should be left out of the ingredients list.

Natural ingredient dog treats are great for retaining all the vitamins, minerals, and essential proteins a dog will need for development and health.

Take the Braided Bully Sticks, for example. They are steroid-free, antibiotic-free, preservative-free, and hormone-free!

Grab a Healthy Dog Treat from Bully Sticks Direct!

If you need bully sticks for puppies or adult dogs, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better source of protein than a long-lasting natural dog chew made from only 100% pork, such as that of the Braided Pork Pizzles.

At Bully Sticks Direct, we understand the extent to which dog owners care about the well-being of their furry friends. While most dogs may not have sensitive stomachs, they still need to be taken care of nutritionally.

There's a reason why our clients love us. We're all about family, and we know your pet is a part of yours. Bully Sticks Direct's dog bully sticks are an amazing option that owners can trust, and dogs love. We only source products from the best, and if we don't think a chew or bully stick is safe for our own large and small dogs, then we don't think it's safe for yours.

Single-Ingredient Treats, Multiple Benefits!

Earlier, you heard us mention the benefits of simple ingredients such as sweet potato and meat by-products. Too many treats these days have a combination of complex ingredients, additives, and preservatives that end up being too many calories. Overweight dogs or dogs with sensitive stomachs need treats with few ingredients, like those at Bully Sticks Direct!

Foods with fewer ingredients, such as 100% beef or pork, are more readily accepted by the digestive system since there are no additives atop the nutrients that nature afforded us.

How can it be called a dog treat if it does more harm than good?

Trust the Dog Experts: Choose All Natural Bully Sticks

Bully Sticks Direct is a brand committed to ensuring that dog chews and treats benefit overall health. With a vested interest in proper nutrition and a family-oriented atmosphere, we offer nothing we don't think is good enough for our own pets. Give your dog nothing but the best from Bully Sticks Direct! Visit our website now and pick a few items from our selection of great products! 

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