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Treat Your Pup This Christmas! 6 Gifts to Eat, Play, and Enjoy

Treat Your Pup This Christmas! 6 Gifts to Eat, Play, and Enjoy

Dec 15, 2023

'Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread the holiday cheer than by treating your furry friend to some tail-wagging delights! Let’s be honest - we all look forward to gifts under the tree and your dog is no exception. When buying Christmas gifts for your pets, it’s of utmost importance to make conscious purchases that will provide them with a toy or treat that is safe for them to enjoy.

In this blog, we’ve taken the guesswork out of gift-giving! From tail-wagging treats to interactive toys, let's unwrap the fun and make this Christmas a memorable one for your furry companion. Read on to check out our six recommended gifts for your pup!

A Treat to Eat This Christmas

Keep the milk and cookies out of your pup's reach! Unfortunately, your pup can’t enjoy the most popular holiday treats. Candy canes, chocolate, and gingerbread cookies, among others, are toxic and potentially deadly to our furry friends. When you have treats out for the holidays, keep your pets busy with a treat of their own!

For a treat that is all-natural and made with few ingredients, look no further than Bully Sticks Direct. Bully Sticks Direct has a large catalog of treats that vary in size and flavor to cater to your pups preferences. Check out a few of our best-sellers below!

Find peace of mind when you treat your pup with Bully Sticks Direct knowing that they're enjoying a treat that is high in protein and made without any added hormones, preservatives, or antibiotics. Mainstream dog treats found in big-box stores will sell you on flashy colors and fancy flavors but won’t tell you how toxic and unnatural their treats truly are.

Bully Sticks make a great stocking stuffer - shop online today!

5 of the Best Dog Toys for Good Boys and Girls!

We’re sure your shopping list is long. To save you time surfing the internet, we compiled a list of gifts that are sure to get your pups tag wagging!

1. Interactive Treat Puzzle 

Traditional training is important, but brain training your dog is fun for both their physical and mental health! Puzzle toys are a great way to distract your dog and test their skills at the same time. Hide a small treat inside the toy and your dog will be thrilled with their reward!

2. Bully Stick Holder

Stocking up on bully sticks this Christmas? Make your dog even happier with a bully stick holder! This BPA-free device tightly secures your dog’s bully stick in place so they can chew comfortably. Avoid messes and choking hazards with this forward-thinking toy!

3. GPS Smart Dog Collar

This smart device by Fi is, “A new breed of dog collar” that is so cool, you might enjoy it more than your pup! This collar features live tracking of your dog, so you know where they are at all times, especially when they’re lost. The GPS goes a step further than an AirTag, with LTE network reach, 3 months of battery and health tracking. Track your dog’s steps and sleep with Fi’s Smart Dog Collar. Plus, they’ll be running around in style!

4. Orthopedic Dog Bed with Washable Cover

‘Twas the night before Christmas and your dog was sleeping on the floor…until they woke up the next morning next to a luxury dog bed! This dog bed is comfortable for your dog and convenient for owners. Simply unzip and toss in the wash for a clean night’s sleep!

5. Slow Feeder Lick Mat for Dog Food 

Lick mats are sure to be on every dog’s wish list this Christmas! Lick mats prevent your pup from inhaling their food too quickly. Lick mats are also a fun puzzle for your dog, depending on the mat. This mat is veterinarian-recommended, made without silicone, and promotes good dental health by removing bacteria and plaque from the tongue.

Add to cart! Give your dog something fun to enjoy this Christmas. No pets? These products make a great gift for any dog-owner in your life!

Here Comes Santa Paws!

The holiday season is about spreading love, laughter, and a whole lot of belly rubs. So, this year, make sure your pup has a present under the tree! Whether a stocking full of treats from Bully Sticks Direct or a cozy dog bed to curl up in after their Christmas dinner, this list of ideas will make any pup happy this holiday!

When you buy from Bully Sticks Direct, you’re supporting a small business. Bully Sticks Direct is headquartered in Romeo, Michigan. We’re a family-owned business and we treat all dog’s like our own. Prioritize your pup's health and wellbeing this holiday season with a treat from BSD! 

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