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Your Dog And Hawaiian Shirt Day

Your Dog And Hawaiian Shirt Day

Feb 28, 2022

Remember when they used to have Hawaiian shirt day at work?

People went all week wearing neckties, which some referred to as the “daily noose,” and restrictive or ill-fitting formalwear. But then on Friday, it was Hawaiian shirts and jeans, and everybody just breathed a collective sigh of relief…

There's a lot less of that these days, as business casual becomes more and more casual, and more people start working remotely or on flexible schedules.

But the same idea still holds true: working with changes that make us feel relaxed and free gives us a new lease on life, so to speak. Think about that as you order your own life and the life of your furry friend.

A Dog's Life

Now let's talk about your dog. Where you work hard during the day, and enjoy sitting down on your off time, your dog sort of does the opposite. In many cases, he or she is pretty much sedentary and motionless throughout the day, but getting something to stimulate his or her senses is the vacation that your dog craves! So a bully stick or something like that actually has enormous importance for your canine.

With that in mind, a happy dog is a dog that has something to occupy himself or herself once in a while, and a special treat to chew on or carry around, or hide under the covers, or whatever it is that their instinct and behavior compels them to do.

You'll see when you give these items to dogs that they have a preconditioned plan for what they're going to do with them. You can also tell there is the sense of ownership and possession that makes your dog feel good. Some also like to roll in nasty stuff once in a while, so having a good all natural chew stick provides an alternative! Of course, Fido will probably need a bath…

So remember next time you're shopping for everything your dog needs, that bully sticks and other meaty treats are a dog’s Hawaiian shirts that give the dog a certain quality of life and a respite from the grueling task of guarding your house 24/7! Take a look at our sets of bully sticks – or moo taffy chews, and packages of dog chews that are made with natural ingredients, And with care. We aim to be the top ecommerce provider of dog chews around!

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