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Five Benefits of Collagen in Your Dog Treats | Bully Sticks Direct Has It All!

Five Benefits of Collagen in Your Dog Treats | Bully Sticks Direct Has It All!

Aug 29, 2023

Dog owners who love their pets are finding it increasingly difficult to identify a healthy dog treat among the many unhealthy options.

However, at Bully Sticks Direct, we believe the best healthy dog treats are made with the simplest ingredients. This is why our crunchy treats are made from 100% all-natural ingredients.

Our dog treats have been formulated to provide the perfect balance of all the important nutrients a healthy dog needs.

One of the most important nutrients that are part of the healthiest dog treats is collagen. Whether you prefer homemade dog treats or commercial ones, you should always ensure that your dog is getting enough collagen in its diet.

If a healthy treat is what you are looking for, then visit for authentic, made-in-the-USA dog treats loved by pet parents everywhere.

What Healthy Dog Treats Are Made Of

While it is important to provide a healthy treat for your dog, it is important to consider the specific key ingredients that your particular dog requires. These requirements differ from one pooch to the next. Pet owners should consider the following:

  • Is the treat made for adult dogs or puppies?
  • The size of the dog is important because small dogs have different nutritional requirements than large dogs
  • The activity level of the dog
  • Your dog's breed

Having considered these factors, it will be easier to target specific ingredients that do not have too many calories or contain artificial flavors.

Just like when choosing the right type of human foods needed for a balanced diet, the key is in the ingredients. Some of the common ingredients found in the best dog treats are:

  • Collagen supplements
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Grain-free human-grade ingredients
  • Real chicken and real meat
  • Grass-fed beef from free-range cattle
  • Chicken liver and chicken breast
  • Grass-fed free-range beef liver
  • Turkey bacon

At Bully Sticks Direct we supply some of the best bully sticks products on the market, such as our top-selling 9" Braided Beef Collagen, 6" Curly Beef Collagen, and 6" Beef Collagen Sticks.

What Exactly Is Collagen?

Collagen is both safe and nutritious for your pet! Our beef collagen sticks are made from 100% beef. Natural, preservative-free dog treats is the quality you can expect from Bully Sticks Direct.

Having a good balance of collagen and other foods, such as sweet potato, raw meat, and chicken jerky is what makes for a balanced diet for your furry friend.

Why Collagen Is Important in Dog Food

Collagen is one of the most abundant compounds in your dog's body. It is found in your dog's teeth, skin, fur, nails, and muscles among other places.

Because it is found all throughout your pet's body, it is obviously of vital importance. It promotes the good health of aging dogs, provides energy for active dogs, and protects their vital organs from damage.

As your dog ages, its ability to produce enough collagen decreases, and this deficiency will have to be made up by supplementing its diet with natural dog treats.

While you keep an eye on your dog's age, you should also watch out for environmental toxins, UV rays, and artificial preservatives, all of which negatively impact your pet's collagen levels.

Benefits of Adding Collagen To Healthy Dog Treats

The best bully sticks contain just the right amount of collagen to ensure that your pet receives the following benefits from their jerky treats and other Bully Sticks Direct products:

1.Great for Your Dog's Nails, Skin, and Coat

Collagen does wonders for your dog's skin and fur. Not only does it strengthen the skin, but it also improves skin elasticity, coat appearance, hydration, and provides protection from skin-related problems.

The nails will also become stronger and better looking when you include a lot of collagen in your dog's training treats and other supplements.

2. Maintains Joint Health

Joint health is a big issue, especially with older and larger dogs. The degradation of the connective tissue, combined with the weight of the dog means they will begin to gradually lose mobility as they age.

Giving your dog collagen-loaded bully sticks to chew on is a great way to ensure your dog always has enough collagen to sustain him throughout the day while also improving their dental health.

3. Improves Muscle Health

Low collagen levels result in weaker muscles which makes your dog more likely to suffer from injuries, such as hip dysplasia and torn ligaments. By making the best bully sticks a part of your pet's diet, you will ensure that they maintain a healthy muscle tone that allows them to go through life without the added risks of serious injury.

4. Promotes Digestive Health

Even a single bully stick per day will bring a lot of comfort to teething puppies and older dogs with sensitive stomachs. The natural ingredients that are found in this low-calorie treat are very easy for dogs to digest. You will also notice an improvement in your dog's breath if they regularly spend time gnawing on one of our chewier treats, such as the 9" Braided beef collagen.

5. Boosts Appetite

If your dogs are picky eaters, then perhaps a taste of the natural flavors packed in each bully stick will do the trick. They contain a lot of collagen from animal products which your dog will find irresistible.

While you may find the smell of our rawhide chews to be unpleasant, your dogs love it. The best dog treats are made to smell appetizing to dogs regardless of your own tastes. These dog chews will promote salvation which will boost your pet's appetite.

How To Ensure Your Dog Is Getting Enough Collagen

The best way to ensure that your pooch is getting their recommended daily dose of collagen is to carefully watch what they eat and add some supplements where necessary.

A simple way to do this is by giving your dog our new beef collagen bully sticks and chews. Size, age, breed, and activity level are all important things to consider before you decide on how much to give your dog daily.

If you are not sure then you can ask your veterinarian (Dr) to guide you on the perfect treats and correct amount to give your dog. It is important not to overfeed your dog to prevent weight gain. You can reward them with a 6" Curly Beef Collagen once in a while for good behavior.

Avoid treats that contain wheat flour, meat by-products, chemical preservatives, and any food not fit for human consumption.

Bully Sticks Direct! A Dog Treat Packed With Collagen

If you are looking for a healthy treat for your dog with the right amount of collagen then look no further than Bully Sticks Direct. We have a wide range of great products to choose from, but you might as well begin by looking at our new arrivals!

We are the one-stop shop for 100% all-natural made-in-USA dog treats and pet supplies. One taste of our famous chicken jerky treats and your dog will keep coming back for more.

Keep your dog's collagen levels regulated during training or playtime with one of our bully sticks. Visit to take a look at our great products.

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