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Dog Breeds That Thrive During the Winter Months

Dog Breeds That Thrive During the Winter Months

Aug 29, 2023

Taking care of your dog in the winter is not always the easiest thing to do. Despite your best efforts as pet parents, some dogs just do not handle the cold weather very well. Depending on where you live and what the climate is like, winter for small dogs, especially, can be tough.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing a Dog Breed

Bringing a dog into your life is no small decision. Ideally, you have asked yourself the following before choosing to adopt, foster, or breed:

  • Will a dog fit my lifestyle?
  • Will a dog fit in my living space?
  • Can I financially afford to take care of a dog, including regular purchases of food and healthy dog treats?
  • Will a dog get along with my other pets? Do I have any other friends that are dog owners?
  • Will a dog get along with my friends and family? Will they get along with other small dogs?
  • What activities do I enjoy that a dog can take part in? What activities can a dog NOT take part in?

There is more to taking good care of a dog besides just buying them the healthiest dog treats. Many dog owners do not consider the full scope of this decision before diving into it. Consider the following factors before adopting a new dog:

  • Location and Climate

Living in California is not the same as living in Alaska, and your dog will be just as affected by the climate as you are. You should look at the popular dog breeds in your location because it will give you a clue as to which breed you should either consider or stay away from.

  • Activity Level

If you enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, swimming, lounging, traveling, camping, etc., you should choose a dog that is also very active. Keeping active during winter is one of the best ways to keep your dog warm and in high spirits. In this regard, many dog training games can be done indoors if the weather is too cold to go outside. Have a healthy treat in hand to make the training more enjoyable.

  • Long-term Goals With Your Pooch

Why are you adopting a dog in the first place? Whether you want a family pet, a show dog, a travel companion, or a service dog will affect the type of breed you should choose and how well it will adapt to your desired lifestyle long term.

How To Know Which Breeds Prefer Hot or Cold Weather

Take the following steps as a pet parent when choosing a dog breed:

  • Research the Dog Breed and Its Origins

The physiology and temperament of some dogs are well suited for surviving long and cold winter months. This is particularly true with breeds that are natives of the colder regions of the world, such as Northern Europe.

  • Consider Size and Coat/Fur

Large dogs have a lot more body mass to keep them warm and will generally fare much better than smaller dogs when the temperature falls to extremely low levels.

  • Look at Weight, Strengths. and Weaknesses

Keeping your dog well-fed with healthy dog treats will help them keep their weight up and maintain a healthy layer of body fat to keep them warm.

Breeds That Thrive in Cold Weather

If you want some great ideas about which dogs to consider, try the following:

  • Newfoundland
  • Husky
  • German Shepherd
  • Great Pyrenees
  • St. Bernard
  • Golden Retriever

Not all small-size dogs love the cold weather, but the following are good options if you cannot possibly keep larger dogs:

  • Shiba Inu
  • Sheepdog
  • Terriers
  • Beagle
  • Pomsky
  • ChowChow

Regardless of which size of dog you adopt having some natural ingredient dog treats that are healthy and don't contain artificial flavors is essential for your dog during winter. Try some of the best bully sticks on the market from Bully Sticks Direct.

How Cold Is Too Cold?

Temperatures considered too cold for one dog may be perfectly alright for another. However, considering the dangerous effects of cold weather, such as frostbite and hypothermia, it is best to stay educated and keep your dog safe by keeping the following in mind:

Protect Their Paws

Dogs use their paw pads to help regulate their body temperatures. As a result, a dog's paws are very sensitive to walking on very cold surfaces and should be protected using, for example, dog boots.

Adult Dogs Do Better Than Puppies in Cold Weather

If you have a puppy that is a few months old or less, you have to be extra careful because cold weather can be fatal for puppies. In this case, finding the safest treats for dogs and soft treats for puppies is very important to help your puppy keep its temperature up.

The Right Dog Food Goes a Long Way

When looking for the perfect dog treat for winter, such as the following are important:

  • Look for a healthy treat with no artificial flavors
  • Consider hormone-free dog treats without too many calories
  • The best treats for dogs contain natural ingredients sourced locally

Tips for Small Dogs in the Winter

Here are some great tips if you have a small dog:

  • Limit outside playtime
  • Get a better and warmer dog bed
  • It's advisable to invest in dog jackets and boots
  • Leave the heat on in the house while you are away
  • Give them a little extra food without necessarily giving your dog too many treats

Bully Sticks Direct “We’re Really About Family, Yours and Ours”

At Bully Sticks Direct, we do not just focus on making the best treats for dogs. Your dog's health is the core of our business and we strive to help our customers with all issues concerning their pets. To us, a dog is a part of the family and they deserve all the love and care that you can give them.

Feedback From Happy Dog Parents

Here is what a couple of our customers had to say:

"I have two small dogs, one gets the gullet stick and the other gets the strip cut into small pieces for her. My dogs love these treats and I know they are getting a good, natural product." (5-star review Arlene R.)

"I have purchased these 9in braided sticks for Stella for about a year she loves them. They are not only a great healthy treat for her but at least an hour of fun for her. Her teeth look wonderful and clean. She'll sit at the treat box every morning when she sees me coming. She's so healthy and happy." (5-star review, Di)

Finding Healthy Dog Treats for Your Dog - Try Bully Sticks Direct

Are you looking for the best healthy treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs? Bully Sticks Direct offers single ingredient natural dog treats in a plethora of sizes, smells, and flavors. Bully Sticks Direct is the home of the best dog treats on the market - for large and little dogs alike. Visit our website and take a look at our wide range of healthy treats.

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